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Hi there!

Seeing as this blog is called 'Introducing Lexi' I thought I had better introduce myself, so here goes:

My name is Lexi, I have a fondness for dresses, especially anything with a pretty collar. I am a big lover of deserts and no matter how much I eat, I am never ‘to full’ to order one. The MAC counter is my weakness, which is not so good for my purse and my dream is to have a vintage-inspired wedding, which can now hopefully become a reality as I recently got engaged! I love anything with a floral design, whether it’s a dress, a diary or a pair of socks. I am mummy to my one-year-old dog Ralph and my aim is to one day own a Mulberry Alexa bag (I admit I was swayed by the name…but the design is just gorgeous!). I have spent the last year repeatedly reading a handful of fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs, so I thought…why not take the plunge and create my own!

I’m so pleased you stopped by and I hope you can stick around.

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