Tuesday, 3 September 2013


I have been wearing glasses now for a good few years; I admit I should probably wear them more often than I do, but I need them for driving, watching TV and occasionally computer work, if it's late and my eyes are ready to go to sleep.

The other day something quite misfortunate happened, which involved my poor pair of glasses getting chewed up and thrown about my cheeky Bichon Frise, Ralph!

After some stern words and attempting to fix them myself (whilst trying not to think of the damage this will probably make to my purse) I decided to take a trip to my local Specsavers, hoping they could save the day.

Seeing as I'm quite partial to a bit of spectacle wearing and i've had my old glasses for a couple of years now, I was secretly pleased that I had the chance to browse the displays and have a go at trying some new frames on!

Now, I do love the 'geek-chic' look and a pair of retro-framed specs teamed with a pretty blouse and chunky cardigan will always make me go weak at the knees. But unfortunately a pair of oversized, thick-framed glasses, just does not suit me (insert sad face here). However, in keeping with my passion for geek-fashion, I indulged in a fancy new pair of geek-chic specs but just a slightly smaller version. 

These are called AYANNA and come in at £45 at Specsavers, which I feel is a bargain for a pair of good-quality glasses, that I won't necessarily be wearing everyday. Although the design is very similar to my previous ones, this time I opted for a different colour; a rich, claret red. 

This colour is great for complimenting blue, green or hazel coloured eyes as the frame has bluish undertones. They are also a subtle shade of red, so they won't clash with any bright colours you choose to wear. 

I can now relax as I have a fresh new pair of glasses, which I can safely say are securely placed in their new case and out of reach from my cheeky little pup! 

What are your thoughts on geek-chic glasses and how would you style these statement frames?


  1. Love your glasses! I only need to wear mine to drive, but I'm still desperate for a pair of geek chic frames. Might have a peek at the ones in Specsavers :)

    I'm a new follower btw, love you blog :) Please check out mine too if you fancy <3


    1. Thanks Alexandra! You should go for it and invest in a pair of geek-chic specs. Thank you for the follow, just had a look at your blog and it's lovely, I will be following after I write this x x


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